Our exclusive overnight stay at Den Lodge will allow your dog to relax and unwind after a busy day of hikes and Daycare activities. Den Lodge is open to members only who are a part of our regular pack. This allows for a more curated experience where the dogs already know each other.

The esthetic is a city loft meets Maine woods lodge, and IT IS A VIBE! We play relaxing music so that your pup can retire fireside after a long day by our fireplace art installation. The outdoor grounds are beautifully manicured and are fully lit with swanky string lights. It's serene and secure. If your best friend or fur baby needs a safe place to stay while you are away or even just a relaxing retreat from your own life circumstances, Den Lodge is the place to be.



We provide a cage-free, climate-controlled, indoor environment and the largest outdoor space in North East Los Angeles where dogs participate in guided social activities, agility, and meditation.

Our Daycare program is a members-only service designed to create stability and routine for your pups. We do not take drop-ins or one-off Daycare requests. All of our dogs are confident and relaxed in our care due to the consistent relationships they form with us and the other DEN Pack members each week.

To become a DEN Pack Member and have access to our services, a new member commits to an initial Meet & Greet temperament test and a minimum of 1-2 days a week of Daycare, Pack Hikes, and/or Training (depending on size, breed, etc.).



We take a teaching approach to training dogs that reinforces self-control, consciousness, and spiritual alignment. We are dedicated to bringing dogs to a higher state of consciousness and teaching them tools to manage the stresses that come with living a city life. Establishing mutual respect and communication are the pillars of DEN training.


We know that every dog is unique and they learn and experience the world in different ways. Because of this, we structure and cater a training program to your dog's specific needs.

We use positive reinforcement, mystical techniques and fun games to encourage cognitive thinking, healthy ways of communicating, and the understanding of social cues and healthy boundaries. These games and fun exercise-drills lay the foundation for a well balanced and social pup.

We also use our senior pack members to help sculpt and teach healthy behaviors. Basic obedience is the foundation to be able to learn and grow into more exciting and complex training such as agility and tricks.


Welcome to DEN Grooming Spa featuring our clawfoot tub and a serene environment with aromatherapy and holistic products.

While your dog is in our care they receive fresh water and potty breaks and with no more than four dogs at a time, they get our gentle one-on-one attention.



Have you ever felt like the electromagnetic static of the city, added with the sound pollution, and general chaos of society has been sitting on your shoulders like a wet carpet? Well, chances are your dog feels it too. Our animals hold space for us and energetically lift the weight from us which can bog them down emotionally, behaviorally, and even health wise. Getting regular healing is maintenance. It is a proactive way of maintaining you and your dogs' balance and energy fields. Come cleanse your heart, chakras, and spirits together for the ultimate bonding experience.