Say goodbye to traditional doggie daycare

Our unique experience for dogs is created to elevate consciousness and achieve a natural energy balance in a nurturing environment. Dogs participate in exciting activities, meditation, and cool-downs. For pups that need more 1-on-1 attention a customized service plan that incorporates fitness, training, or grooming can be combined for the ultimate DEN Daycare experience.

Your dog will thrive in our climate controlled indoor and outdoor space with lots of toys and activities. All dogs our pack have been fully vaccinated, including Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza. It all starts with a Meet & Greet, so book yours TODAY!

Our Cage Free Salon atmosphere offers semi-private grooming sessions for a maximized stress free experience.

Book a Spa Bath or Haircut & Style to keep your pup looking & feeling their best .

All Grooming at DEN Urban Dog Retreat includes: bath, brush, blowout, gland expression, and ear cleaning.

Say goodbye to traditional dog walking!

We specialize in Pack Adventures in all surrounding park trails. Balance your dog's mental and physical needs so you have a happy relaxed companion. 1 hour Hike + Round Trip Shuttle

Has your pup had the pleasure of experiencing a DEN Urban Dog Retreat Nature Hike yet? Now is a great time to schedule a nature hike with the pack family. Your dog will absolutely LOVE nature ⛰ and companionship while enjoying a hike with their pack. They will gain the social skills necessary to adapt and socialize with other dogs as well as provide the necessary stimulation and exercise that is recommended for a healthy and sustainable life.⁠

Elevate your canine's consciousness

We take an approach to training dogs that reinforces self control, consciousness, and spiritual alignment. Establishing mutual respect and communication are the pillars of DEN training.

We are dedicated to bringing dogs to a higher state of consciousness and teaching tools to manage the stresses that come with living a city life.

All training services take place onsite at DEN. All dogs utilizing services must be fully vaccinated against canine influenza and leptospirosis. Please upload proof of vaccination prior to the initial consultation.

Awaken your dog's spirit

The path to Zen is full of love, stability, positive reinforcement, and healing hands. Our holistic practitioners are highly skilled in ancient healing practices.

Dogs are energetic beings, just as we are. They often take on much of the stress and tension that their owners bring home from their jobs or events happening in life. The constant absorption of energy can be just as exhausting for them as it is for us. Allow our team of healers to help you connect with your dog and gain an understanding into the world they live in. 

When travel is unavoidable and your dog can't join, we are here to make sure your best friend enjoys their time without you and stays safe and happy. Your dog will be well adjusted and happy to see you when you return.

All dogs must be acclimated into our daycare or hike subscription program.